Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Voices of the Village at SAS Microcampus

Today we had such a wonderful and touching service learning celebration when our students share the stories about what they've learned from their local partners, which is called service learning. Our students gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their new community, and society as they apply academic, social, and personal skills to learn about their local partners' life stories and opinions in our host village at Xizhou, Yunnan, China.

We are so proud of our B4 students when local villagers, students, chaperones and other adults were watching videos created by Microcampus students. It was interesting to obviously see how happy the local partners are when their stories have been told. In the meantime, that's the way to show the appreciation from our students when they have wonderful chance not only to learn from local villagers but also to build up close bond with and have positive impact on the people and the places they visited.

Photos by Ms Mai
Here is one of B4 students' service learning projects - Yi Fei, Sujin and Cass' project about Mr. Zhao, our local campus's security guard. More projects can be found from our website.