Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun BHD's New Year Party

We had a new year party after Tet's vacation. To keep track of company's culture, the party was for all affiliate company members of BHD Co. ltd, BHD Media, Vietnam Studio, Vietnam Media Corp. , BHD Star & MTV Mastercard. As annual, the party took place in Halia restaurant in Pacific Place on recent 10th February.. When we headed there, the party had started for 1 hour from 6pm. We got our lucky numbers right in the entrance when the servant told me these were for later lottery.

Before everyone enjoyed the party, our director gave a short speech to finalize 2010's achievements, showing her high appreciation for all staffs' effort in company's 2010 projects. She also shared with everyone the new targets of BHD for a new year 2011.
First part, dinner & photo ;-) While people were enjoying buffet, some were taking photo.So here are gái xinh trai đẹp from BHD
Every one was happy, especially the kids. These are our youngest, cutest guests.
Happy smiles
 Reading picture book
 Crawling in the stage
Yep, time for the performance. Seemed like everyone was highly expecting this second part of the party.
This year, we had a story about company's achievements in 2010, namely Vietnam Idol, VNIFF, two recognizably profitable films produced of Floating lives & The battle of Brides.
The performance won the prize of best show, with the participation of joint-departments from Account, Media, Programming Depts.
 The most talented singers from Account Dept. and Design Dept.
Singing together "Cam on tinh yeu" ( Thanks for love) - the theme song of Vietnam Idol 2010
The most exciting part was the lottery. Happily coincidentally, two colleagues whose tables are next to mine and the one in front of mine won all prize for lottery.
The first prize of 1.5 mil VND (~ 75 US$) & The second prize of 1 mil VND (~ 50 US$)
And the third prize of 500k VND (~ 25 US$)
It was a fun company party. With new spirit of teamwork, we hoped to archive a successful 2011 and of course all the best for every members during this year.

About BHD:
  • Based in Hanoi, BHD has offices, editing suites and other production facilities and film and television studio of 7,000 m2  in Hanoi and HCMC
  • Reality Shows: The first to introduce  realities shows in Vietnam and has always been the most experienced production house for reality shows in Vietnam namely "Yo! Cunguoc mo xanh"  sponsored by Yomost, " 21 Century Woman" (Sunsilk) – Unilever,  "Hanh Trinh 2468" (Honda), "Not Nhac Ngoi Sao" (Twister-Pepsi), "MTV School Attached" (Kotex), Vietnam Idol(Clear)
  • Game shows/Entertainment shows: “The price is right" (6 Years on prime time on VTV3. One of the high rating show of VTV3 with Fremantle Media ), " Pyramid" ( HTV7 and Sony Picture Television) , "Name that Tune" ( HTV 7 – Sandy Frank Entertainment) "Catch Phrase" (Highest rating on Hanoi TV - Granada), "Lyric Board" (top rating for youth – Like it Love it Production; “Little Monsters”, Double Dare on VTV3,  and all MTV programs in Vietnam… BHD also won funds from National Geographic US  to produce a 30 minutes documentary for them, being one of the 10 chosen from more than 500 entries all around Asia with Mega media Singapore
  • Branded content shows: Most experienced company in Vietnam to do high end branded content shows., including Mam Xanh for Dutch Lady, The GioiTrong Mat Em – Fristi,  Double dare – Omo, Thu tai Mon Ngon – Masan, Vietnam Idol – Clear….
  • Drama Series Distribution: Every year, my company distributes at least 400 hours of Drama series programs to TV stations in Vietnam with lots of high rating series such as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Asian Charlie’s Angles, Charmed, Largo, Martial Law, Sad love story, Boys Over Flowers…
  • Drama series Production : The  first private company to produce drama series since 2004 with 39 Degree of Love . The first private company to produce drama series for VTV with Urgly Betty for VTV3 and Suddenly I Wanna Cry for VTV1, Happy House in VTV3, Nhung thien than ao trang, Cho mot tinh yeu ..
  • Cinema movie production: Nhung nu hon ruc ro (2009), Floating lives, The  battle of the bride (2010)
  • Cinema setup & management:
    _ThangLong cinema
  • Pay TV channel management
    - Vietnamese Exclusive Partner  for Astro – Cam XucPay TV Cable & DTH channel of Astro in Vietnam. Launch April 2008. Broadcast on HTVC/VCTV/VSTV
    - Vietnamese Exclusive licensee of MTVA since 1998 in VTV3
    - Shareholder of YAN music channel since 2010
    - Exclusive partner and founder with HTVC to launch FNBC - a Vietnamese Financial & Business news channel since 2009

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun Kenting Day 2

On the second day in Kenting, we had breakfast in hotel and checked out. Our itinerary was to visit Maobitou, the southernmost tip of Taiwan & the Eluanbi Lighthouse,  the light of East Asia among the complex of Kenting National park. Built in 1984, Kenting national park is Taiwan's oldest and southernmost national park, covering the southernmost area of the Taiwan island.
Our bus took us to Maobitou., whose name in Mandarin meant cat's nose and head. This place is on the southeast corner of the peninsula Hengchun in Pingtung. It is nice to wait for the sunset here. Therefore, Maobitou is one of the eight notable sceneries of Hengchun.
The bus ran across the beach then stopped to let us out visiting a giant piece of coral which is jutting out the sea. This is an excellent place to see the seashore with magnificent waves coming sometimes.
There was a little dog enjoying watching Maobitou with us too. We continued our journey to explore another attraction in Kenting called Eluanbi Light house.
The path from main gate to go see the Lighthouse
There were many beautiful unique souvenirs made by colorful seashells here.
The scene of the Eluanbi area were gorgeous under the sunshine & wind
Here we are the Light house. Our Taiwanese friends said this place was renowned as the Light of East Asia, because of its height & wide optical power. The 4-floor lighthouse  is covered white, and shaped cylindrical. When we came, it was closed to go up the top of Light house. So we missed the chance to get wider view to ocean, which I bet it would be so great.

With a height of 21-meter and spreading out a circumference of 110 meters, its optical power of light can reach 20 miles far. Therefore, Eluanbi has been considered as the most intensified lighthouse in Asia.
From this area, we could take walk in wooden path across the seashore - the thing which made us feel so nice to see & hear the wave & beautiful ocean view.
Leaving Eluanbi Lighthouse, we stopped by a Go-Kart place, which is quite common in Kenting for one of popular amusement activities here. Each of us had our own go-kart. And it was cool to try this game. We left Kenting with such nice impression.

Kenting is really a fascinating and affordable destination. For any expats living  in Taiwan  the 2 day trip to Kenting like my trip would cost about 2300-3000 NTD
Transportation: 800-1000 NTD (KHH to Pingtung & local transportation)
Eating & accommodation (1 night 2 days): 1200 -1800 NTD
Amusement ticket: 300 NTD

Fun Kenting Day 1

To many,  Kenting National Park is a destination highly recommended by local Taiwanese if you ask about a special place to travel around south Taiwan. This beautiful park is located in Pingtung county in south of Taiwan. This trip was made by our group of friends studying in KSU.
We came to Kenting in summer days. Even though we were awared it would be very sunny there, it was so excited to take a bus from Kaoshiung to Kenting where the beach was awaiting us. If you want to travel by your own, you can take the regular or express bus from KHH to Kenting with a price of 300-400 NT$ (8~10 USD) for a 1 or 2.5 hour trip. But since we wanted to stop in some places across Kenting in 2 days, we hided a big bus to take us there.
On our way in about 1.5 hour from Kaoshiung, we stopped by a village where local Taiwanese would show us how to make a lacquer umbrella. This is the name of the place in Chinese, poor me that I forgot pinyin pronunciation, which I took it more comfortable to memorize & learn Chinese
This was the first time for me to learn how & it was very interesting. Two old women in the village were very helpful. They invited us take our sits & started to take slow steps of making paper umbrella.
Making the frame of umbrella before sticking paper

Anyway, the more exciting part was to paint the umbrella. Everyone worked on their umbrella painting. And finally turned out the "final products". My friends just made fun with what they did for the umbrellas
Later our self-painted umbrellas were wrapped to be posted back to our living places. It would be the best souvenirs everyone had from this trip. So we had a photo for our good memory here.
After fun time in the spot for umbrella painting, we headed to the beach of Kenting -  the most southern part of the Formosa. Across the beach, there are so many beautiful hotels & restaurant with magnificent ocean views. It seemed like I forgot the hotness of the sunny weather because the freshness from the beach came ease us so comfortably.

These beautiful hotels across the beach related me to the ones in coastal line of Vung Tau, Vietnam. We reached to our booked hotel. While others were busy with their luggage & checking-in, I didn't forget to take photo of the street in front of our hotel.
Fully equipped with modern décor and beautiful comfortable bathroom, our hotel room costed about 1000 NT$ (~ 25 USD) per night, which was a deal.
Our room's window were towards the seaside. A large balcony with chairs and tables out there if we wanted to have some drinks & feel the sea's windy relaxing atmosphere.
From the balcony, it was so perfect to esteem the view of the ocean  The beautiful white sandy beaches made me can't wait to change & go there for sunbathing on. After the check-in & resting about 30 mins, we went to the beach immediately. I guess this beach  was called Nanwan beach in Chinese or South Bay in English. We had fun playing baseball in the sand while some enjoyed their swimming and sunbathing. The beach was so beautiful, calm, safe with easy access.
This is Shirley - our Taiwanese fun-loving friend. I miss her a lot when looking at this picture. She was trying to take photos of all us
Here we go, finally she got our photo.

Cute dog in the beach
Night in the Kenting beach is very enjoyable for tourists. You can go to  the crowded night market  or go to restaurants to try seafood. Kenting is famous for its plenty of seafood choices . You even can access easily in food stalls to try grilled shrimp or fish. Especially the sushi and sashimi here are so cheap. With 100-150 NT$, you can have 20 pieces of sashimi. For us, after BBQ for dinner, we had a flame of fire in the sand for drinks& dance very late at night.