Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visting TungHai University

When in Taiwan, I had chances to visit universities across the island in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaoshiung & Tainan. One of my favorite & impressive universities is TungHai University, a green picturesque campus located in Taichung city. I first came to Tung Hai campus for the first time in 2006 & the second time in 2008. But anytime back to the university, I found the convenience & ease feeling to walk around the spacious beautiful campus.

This was the trip with my Taiwanese schoolmates to TungHai University in winter time. I was expecting that the weather would be sunnier but winter is kind of rainy much in central and north Taiwan. However, couldn’t wait to visit again some friends there, in that morning , we drove from Taichung city to TaTu Hill, where the university situates.
Tung Hai Daxue in Chinese means the Eastern Sea University. Just as beautiful as its name, whole campus are covered by the beauty of its unique architecture, the greenness of old big trees with an elegant fresh atmosphere. Universities in Taiwan generally are such big campuses. For Tung Hai, the 56-year-old Christian campus is about 300 hecta large.
Luckily when we just arrived, the rain was just gone. The school is a really pleasant place to walk,  especially after the rain.
From the main gate, we took a short walk to Luce Chapel. The 19-metre-high chapel was named after a missionary in China during 19th century, Henry Luce.

It was designed by a Chinese famous architect I.M.Pei. who was born in China and an American citizen.It was such a unique chapel which was interestingly built inside a campus. 
Alike a tent, the chapel looks amazing & experienced many times of earthquakes without any damage.
Together with a remarkable Christian spot Luce Chapel, Tung Hai University has a nice harmonious architecture combination of Chinese traditional & modern style.
I felt lucky for students who study in Tung Hai , because they have such a very nice campus with a cool atmosphere in a hill only less than 15 minutes from the downtown.
The walk stopped us in this beautiful path to take pictures here. This is the most beautiful green area in the campus because of very old trees across two sides.

Anyone who loves the campus will realize this beautiful path of Tung Hai university in one of very first screens in the popular Taiwanese movie “Yi-yi” or “A one and a two”, which was filmed on the campus and brought the director the Best Director award at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. The beauty of the campus was exactly reflected in the movie. Yiyi is also my favorite movie ;-)
After leaving Tung Hai campus, we had a quick visit to Taichung metropolitan park.
The park is kind of large if we want to visit every place. So I just took some pics of this place.
Two of my friends spent their time sitting next to the lake. Their legs must have been sleeping or tired after a whole day with a lot walk.
On the way back , we discussed about going to Feng Chia night market, a popular fun shopping place  in Taichung Xitun Dist. next to Taichung Feng Chia University. This is another spot must -to-see if you go to Taichung. This place is always crowded at night and only 5 mins by motobike from Taichung Train Station. This thing made me very excited to come back to Taichung downtown because I couldn't wait to try local food in the night market & a lot of goods were waiting for me to be seen.


  1. I have been there too and had a wonderful experience. Your photos help me feel that I am revisiting the place. On that day, my camera malfunctioned but the images continue to remain clear in my mind. Thanks for sharing the great photos...

  2. Thanks Ensurai for your comment. I'm glad that this post recalled good memories of your own visit and could imagine how much you enjoyed your experience. The campus is a great place to study, isn't it? Enjoy.