Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun Kenting Day 2

On the second day in Kenting, we had breakfast in hotel and checked out. Our itinerary was to visit Maobitou, the southernmost tip of Taiwan & the Eluanbi Lighthouse,  the light of East Asia among the complex of Kenting National park. Built in 1984, Kenting national park is Taiwan's oldest and southernmost national park, covering the southernmost area of the Taiwan island.
Our bus took us to Maobitou., whose name in Mandarin meant cat's nose and head. This place is on the southeast corner of the peninsula Hengchun in Pingtung. It is nice to wait for the sunset here. Therefore, Maobitou is one of the eight notable sceneries of Hengchun.
The bus ran across the beach then stopped to let us out visiting a giant piece of coral which is jutting out the sea. This is an excellent place to see the seashore with magnificent waves coming sometimes.
There was a little dog enjoying watching Maobitou with us too. We continued our journey to explore another attraction in Kenting called Eluanbi Light house.
The path from main gate to go see the Lighthouse
There were many beautiful unique souvenirs made by colorful seashells here.
The scene of the Eluanbi area were gorgeous under the sunshine & wind
Here we are the Light house. Our Taiwanese friends said this place was renowned as the Light of East Asia, because of its height & wide optical power. The 4-floor lighthouse  is covered white, and shaped cylindrical. When we came, it was closed to go up the top of Light house. So we missed the chance to get wider view to ocean, which I bet it would be so great.

With a height of 21-meter and spreading out a circumference of 110 meters, its optical power of light can reach 20 miles far. Therefore, Eluanbi has been considered as the most intensified lighthouse in Asia.
From this area, we could take walk in wooden path across the seashore - the thing which made us feel so nice to see & hear the wave & beautiful ocean view.
Leaving Eluanbi Lighthouse, we stopped by a Go-Kart place, which is quite common in Kenting for one of popular amusement activities here. Each of us had our own go-kart. And it was cool to try this game. We left Kenting with such nice impression.

Kenting is really a fascinating and affordable destination. For any expats living  in Taiwan  the 2 day trip to Kenting like my trip would cost about 2300-3000 NTD
Transportation: 800-1000 NTD (KHH to Pingtung & local transportation)
Eating & accommodation (1 night 2 days): 1200 -1800 NTD
Amusement ticket: 300 NTD

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