Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's go "shopping movie, food and gyms" in The Garden Mall

From my house to The Garden mall, it's about 15 minutes by motorbike. Having a free vacation day, we planned to visit The Garden. It was a good time in a new shopping mall of Hanoi, even though we didn't go there for shopping but for watching movie & checking gym service ;-) The weather was not too bad, just enough cold to make you feel the spring. We came there around 12am, in an intention of taking the movie show at 1h30pm.
The Garden is a new shopping mall in Hanoi. It locates in My Dinh area of Me Tri, Tu Liem. The mall is very close to many new residence buildings like The Manor villas & residence building, Keangnam - the city's highest office building.
Over here, together with Tran Duy Hung street, this area is called Korean town in Hanoi, because of a recognized numbers of Korean living & working around here. 
We took a short walk before visiting the cinema upstairs. It was kind of unnoisy, safe & convenient place of living, which made us comfortable to enjoy our walk.
Then we went to 4thF of The Garden for our movie. The movie we wanted to watch was "Co dau dai chien" or "The battle of the bride"s, a Vietnamese romantic comedy movie produced by my company. The  thing is we went for movie in the cinema I've been working as project coordinator. So let me introduce some about this cinema with you ;-)
Platinum, as new as its name, is the newest modern cineplex in Hanoi currently. This is the project that I've been doing with my team for more than 1 year until now - Platinum Cineplex ,
It was launched in Hanoi in Oct 2010 after our first cineplex - the 3/2 cineplex was opened in HCMC. Hanoian citizens have only some choices to go to cinemas mostly based in downtown, namely Megastar, National cinema center, Kim Dong, Dan Chu, Thang 8.... Among those, Megastar was, for some years, the only modern cinema invested by foreign company in a shopping mall. Not that exclusive anymore, Platinum cineplex, being situated in new area of opened Hanoi, is another well-equipped entertainment place, where is offering best quality service & more reasonable price than Megastar. Also it's very convenient for who live far from downtown but want to enjoy film in cinema just like me, since Platinum brings them another more convenient option.
The cineplex has 6 screens equipped with 3D technology. In order to install these, our team have been working for more than 1 year until now.
Many cinema system equipments were imported from Japan, Malaysia & China 
Firstly known in public after the first Vietnam International Film Festival (VNIFF)'s activities were organized here, Platinum cineplex has become more popular to local youth and to whom loves go to cinema.
Newer than Megastar cinema, our company's cinema has attracted many customers, both Vietnamese and other foreign people living around, especially almost full during the first days of Tet.
The "Floating lives" ( Canh Dong Bat Tan) - one of 2010's hit films produced by my company also was premiered here, 
with an impressive participation of many famous actors & actresses in Vietnam entertainment marke, as well as other well-known Hong kong movie stars like Trương Gia Huy và Ngô Ngạn Tổ ( Daniel Wu)...Platinum Cineplex now operates at virtually maximum capacity on weekends and most weekday evenings.

I can't believe it I'm doing PR for my company's cinema. I hope those information is useful for any one living near the cinema or want to visit our cinema here. Some information about Platinum Cineplex for your interest
  • Location: in a new and expanding business shopping mall of Hanoi. Situated on the 4thF, The Garden Mall, Me tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi ( ear My Dinh National Stadium, opposite Keangnam building)
  • The complex’s total area is 1,600 square meters
  • Occupancy: has 6 screens/ cinemas with 1400 seats with 3D screen
  • Quality service: Highly skilled, efficient and reliable staff provide the highest levels of attention to details of their work, with a focus on customer service
  • Special events:  - The 1st VNIFF, Oct. 2010 as BHD was the 1st VNIFF organizer
                                 - "Floating lives" (Canh Dong Bat Tan) premiere, Oct. 2010, produced by BHD. Amazing revenue of 9.2 bil VND after 12 days after premiere
                                 - "The battle of the bride" (Co dau dai chien) premiere - Vietnamese New Year's film, Jan. 2011, produced by BHD. Admiring revenue of 23 bil VND after 2 weeks on show
Another convenient point is the cinema is incorporated a F&B section at the front of cinema. We can have favorite drinks inside the cinema lobby or the food court next to the Platinum Cineplex's entrance. This is the difference with Megastar where customers can't have their food in the same floor.
So after the fun time with the movie Co dau dai chien, we went to the food court for an afternoon  snack right in The garden.
Easily attracted by Japanese food, we stopped by a Japanese court where we had some  yummy sushi
As planned, we were satisfied with going to cinema. So after the movie & snack, we headed to the gym, which also locates in the same floor with Platinum cineplex in The Garden Mall.
From the gym, I can see the cinema in opposite side.
A guide staff there were very enthusiastic to show us around their well- equipped gym.
The interesting thing is they also have an outdoor swimming pool outside for their gym membership.
Actually, not letting the guide staff knowing this, I was thinking in my mind that I prefer the swimming pool than the gym. It should be very nice to come here in summer since they dont have warm water in winter, which the guide said they would equip next season ;-)
From here, we could easily see the view of this new area where there are still on-going development buildings around The Garden.
Leaving the gym in The Garden, we stayed a while in a bookstore downstairs before going to the bakery Nguyen Son and then Dong Da lake for a sip of coffee in late afternoon.
What a peaceful day. And what could be better than these peaceful moments in the coffee shop close to the lake we had.

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  1. Garden Mall is very extravagant, yet it has that mass appeal that makes people come back! The Vietnamese are known to be very accommodating people, and that reflects in their architecture and art films too!