Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trip to Wakasa-koku Obama

My class had two days trip to Wakasa, a lovely countryside area in 1 hour-bus to the north of Kyoto. I will update with more text soon but in the mean time, let's enjoy these pictures on my trip.

 A quick stop to see Biwa lake

 Hikone castle from the main gate
 The castle was completed in 1622 after 20 years of construction
 Hikone-jo, one of 100 best sightseeing places in Japan
  View from top floor of the castle

We were lucky to meet a couple having their wedding photos

Our hotel in Biwa lake area, 20 mins far from Mihama nuclear plant which on the next day, we came to visit.

Our home for 1 night, good enough for my Vietnamese and Chinese classmates and me

My dinner, all were fresh and cooked by the hotel's owner

  Biwako beauty
Next day, we went to Mihama nuclear plant to learn more about Japanese attitudes on nuclear power.

The director of the Nuclear Exhibition Center introduced us about its operation in Japan

Myotsuji Temple

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