Monday, May 21, 2012

A favourite restaurant down the road

Thai grilled beef salad
Shanghai is the ideal city with great harmony of international cuisines. You can easily find different  restaurants from many countries around the world in this city. For sure, those are located more in downtown. From where we live, far from downtown city of 45 mins by taxi, there are still many foreign restaurants to spend great dining time. Last week, we decided to enjoy Thai food among choices of Italian, American, Japanese, Hongkong and Chinese cuisines nearby. The restaurant is called The Thaiable. As its name, over this lovely restaurant, you can have any delicious and organic Thai food from a big menu of appetizer, salad, soup, curry dishes and specialty Thai-style main courses. The spot is hidden away down the corner of Baole Lu with a small kitchen, a limited-space dining area in the first floor and a Thailand cozy space (of course much bigger) upstairs. The menu is both in Chinese and English with pictures. So it helps customers out, either to whom's familiar or new to Thai cuisine, order much more easily. Anyway, it's not easy for me to get my order quickly though, simply because I love most of what they have in the menu. All ranges of food here look delicious and appealing to me, because of not only their sound-taste-good ingredients but also their authentic dish settings. We had grilled beef salad, chicken curry, prawn grilled with pineapple and chicken fried rice. All were so good. The dance of strong spicy-salty-sour-sweet flavors, colors and aromas made the meal such the best deal in the town I have ever had. Another thing interested me a lot was the seasoning herbs and dressings the chief used here, such as mint leaves, fish sauces... which I haven't seen yet in any shichang (supermarket or market) or fandian (restaurant) so far. Those relate me a lot to Vietnamese food flavor, where I hardly find such any similar taste over here during recent 2 months. Which appealed to me most are roasted beef fillet with blend of Thai herbs and prawn fresh spring roll served with plum peanut sauce that I came back for lunch in another day. Quick service, fresh taste, cozy, friendly dining space and reasonable price (starting at 35 yuan or in average of 55-60 yuan per dish) compared to how satisfied you are when enjoying the food are good enough to tell The Thaiable is one of wonderful options for me in our neighbourhood.
 Thai prawn fresh spring roll dipped with plum peanut sauce

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