Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun Manila

Day 1, from Taiwan, I took flight to Manila, Philipin
 When I arrived Manila airport, it was afternoon. Cars and buses were busy outside the airport lobby
 I took taxi directly to my hotel, which was 15min by car from airport and close to Manila downtown
 Checking in Grand Hotel, I took a photo of myself before going out for dinner and night market
I didnt forget to take my own picture before getting some pictures of the hotel
 Day 2. A city tour to explore Manila. With a city map, I took local buses and hotel bus to some recommended places like Ocean Park, city memorial hall, Mall of Asia ...

 The beach in front Mall of Asia
Many people enjoyed sitting near the rocks, feeling the ocean breeze and spending fun conversation with friends or relatives
 Accidentally, I found a cat losing her way among the stones
 Manila was beautiful at night too. I had dinner in a cafe close to the beach.

I will come back. See you again Manila

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