Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visit to My Son Holyland

 A Cham statue in musuem of the Cham in Danang city
My Son is one of 5 world heritages in Vietnam recognized by UNESCO in 2000. I came to My Son for the first time with my Argentina friends. We took a trip to My Son from where we stayed - Hoi An ancient town. My Son is located 60 kms from Hoi An. We took a mini bus to reach to My Son and way back by boat across the river to the town. It was such a fun experience worth to try. After a 45-min bus, we arrived at My Son. A sunny day but everyone felt excited to see the My Son sanctuary.
Entrance gate to walk into the sanctuary
In front of us were a sanctuary (or so called 'khu bảo tồn" in Vietnamese), a large complex of religious relics (di tích) all built between 1,000 and 1,600 years age. This place was so peaceful and tranquil since it has been preserved carefully.
Our local tour guide introduced everyone right on the bus heading to My Son that this place used to be as the Cham people's holy land during 4th to 13th century. Then during the 15th century, this beautiful complex of religious land was forgotten until the French discovered it in the 19th century end. 
During that time, My Son remained more than 70 intact towers, which used to be the place for Cham people worshiping to Hinduism and the King of Champa Kingdom. The main component of the Cham architectural design is the tower, built to reflect the divinity of the king.

Surprisingly, this area includes temples and towers that connect to each other with complicated red brick design. Thousands of years have been rolling on, however, the ancient towers still stand tall, representing their historical and cultural value beauty.

Some towers are accessible for tourists. This picture was taken inside one of the towers in My Son holyland.

I'm happy that we visited My Son together. The trip was enjoyable with these wonderful friends' accompany.

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