Sunday, June 5, 2011

Love you Mom and Dad

We just came back from a long journey to Vinh. I prepared some food that my Father definitely likes for this lunch: steamed baby chicken with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and boiled broccoli. (Well I found out I love this dish and since I generally have the same taste on food like my Dad, I guess he loves it too, and yes he did enjoy) . Then I made dessert of cool mango with expectation to make parents feel better. Now Mom and Dad was sleeping. They might still be tired. Going online to check internet, I found by chance this clip from a father to his little daughter. This is touching my heart. People have such different ways to show how much love they devote to others. When watching it, I think of my parents - my great beloved and of my own family which I will have in future one day. My parents couldn't make video clip of me when I was small, but they took pictures of me instead, which also gave me opportunity to realize how lucky I am right since I was born in this world. Mom and Dad, I'm so happy to have your love and care everyday. This recent month came to we family a tough time. I bless us all stay strong, live healthy and happily in everything we've been going through. You know, I feel proud to be your daughter. I love you so much and will be good as your wishes.
Mom hold me when I was 4 months old. Was I much heavy Mom?
 Mom took picture of me and my cousin when we were almost 4 years old
Mom with my bro, cousin and me when Dad was in Hungary

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