Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gym or dance with me?!

April has come. And it’s time for me restart regular workout schedule. This recent winter, I have kept jogging, more exactly, walking only. The frequent participation in gyms or taking aerobics class became the stories of last year for so long. If I want my body stronger, more flexible and healthy, I should do it right now healing up with athletic routine. So this season is awaiting for me to go for better shape. I find myself have 5 options as following:
  1. Come back to Dang sen fitness center for gyms like last year
  2. Join in Latin dance/ dance sport class
  3. Keep up more continuous yoga poses as I did via my DVD and pocket yoga lessons
  4. Restart aerobics class which I used to practice during these 5 years
  5. Ride bikes to parks or lakeside area as I sometimes did in weekend  
It’s too bad because after looking back to what I had done before for athletic exercise, I realize how lazy I become. I eat out more, even though i cook more; I watch TV and stay longer in front of computer; I do sometimes leave PC for a break with exercise poses during office hours; I go walk in free time like late afternoon too. Anyway it seems like not enough compared with my lazy habits. So what I need now is to restart improving my health. 
Thinking over 5 foregoing choices, I’m eager for dance. The Salsa class taken last year inspired me wanna learn more new dance movement. There’s a chance I’m going to take a dance sport class. This is a new try ever which can offer me nice time developing flexible body strength and sense of new confidence. Gym or dance? Well, I will take the latter. And I’m happy to have other 4 colleagues join in me. A class will begin after our national holidays (called Ngày Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương) by next week. It will take in same place, Olympic club, where I took salsa class and 15 mins by motorbike far from my office. I get ready for this coming-up dance sport class and can’t wait feeling my body change in positive manner.

While going to gyms might not be suitable for myself at least now, you may find Dáng Sen club worth to try. Compared with general gyms in downtown Hanoi, this gym is quite newly-built, well-equipped, clean and convenient. But it is offered for female customers only. Daiso stores are downstairs to bring you joy of shopping one-price merchandises.

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