Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My day

I hope everyone is having a great week! I have been quite busy at work recently. Many figures to estimate and make annual projection for the cinema. Can you believe I even dream of them too? ;-( So this morning, in order to refresh myself, I went to local market nearby for buying some groceries. It was fun walking around to see how fresh the vegetables, flowers and other stuffs are in early morning. I got some roses, fruits and veggies. And the woman who sells sticky rice said hi to me by her beautiful smile when I passed by. Quickly I got my refrigerator full of stuffs, which made me happy and then could be ready to go work. I realize that just waking up earlier than usual and doing something different from your routine, that's enough to make you feel merry. Well, as for me, it is : ) Ok, this is just a quick post since I need to be back to project's financial planning work now. Just want to share with you another thing make me feel good. When I arrived to office, my colleague had brought me her lovely pot in my desk. What a wonderful gift to brighten up my day.

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