Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An early work day

After a long cold winter, Hanoi is getting warmer today. This early morning, receiving a call from my colleague on his need of urgent support for FBNC channel project, I got a ride to office earlier than usual. This resulted from a last-minute request from partner in Malaysia for her noon meeting today. The leave offered me a little enjoyable time when passing by Sword Lake. Some old people were going for jog while many people like me were heading to work. Some days ago, over here was crowded of citizens watching how group of governors monitored persons in charge to move the Hồ Gươm turtle in the lake to safe area for further special treatment and healing his wound. The morning sunshine brightened my day.  I'm happy that I can forget my heavy jackets on wardrobe from now on. Hopefully nhe. It was such different feeling to go work earlier. I realize I have indulged myself too much getting up late but lucky I am to have flexible work hour schedule. It was worth leaving home earlier and get my work done before deadline. Now I'm reading emails from friends that I'm more than happy to hear from today. In meantime, I want to share some pictures around Sword Lake that I took from iphone. I wish to have brought my camera, which could have helped me shoot better quality photos in a good sunny day.
Hapro's coffeeshop

Here's the heart of Sword Lake - Turtle Towel
While leaves fell in March, there are new buds sprouting in early April
Further is Hanoi Post Office who have witnessed thriving changes of 1000 year old Hanoi
Morning date
View from Ly Thai To street. Just like people driving by, I'm going to office some moments later. But wait, I just need some shoots more
An old artist was playing his violin. His tune attracted attention of many passers-by...
... and a puppy too

Have a good day my friends

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