Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I believe I can fly

 Onboard or get flying out there?
Seeing the scenery from plane or from sky? Pic taken from plane in one of my trips

Even though I was told about my girl friend - chi Hoa's passion for paragliding in Vietnam and her trips to Malaysia or India for only paragliding, I haven't had any idea or imagined that I would fly in the sky like her one day. She recommende me about her group and a paragliding club where I can start like she did. I said it sounded exciting but I was not sure I could be that brave. The dream just suddenly came true when I was encouraged to give a try - a wonderful training occasion- with a Canadian professional paragliding coach. Everything was so new to me. But seeing how my friends made the launch and flied there in the sky, I felt I could be braver than I had thought. The flying experience was so fun and wonderful views from above the sky to sceneries down there brought you freedom, excitement and happiness. Thank you T for helping me find brave to paraglide, thanks M for your great coach, thanks J for your wonderful support when we were in the sky as well as when we met trouble. You guys gave me such a great experience in my travel road.
These two brothers from the local village followed us to top of the mountain for paragliding. The first time ever for them to come here, even though there is their hometown neighbourhood.
Scenery from the top of mountain where we planned to launch
 Allocating the wind direction and preparing wings. The weather on that day was perfect for us to fly. M was talking to everybody about top and side landing, but more importantly now, how to make a successful launch.
J was so helpful to everybody. She is coach's wife, M's best-ever assistant in driving, technical preparation, supervising and interpreting for everybody
The wind was unstable when the paraglide wings were ready... We waited for a while
                                                             Time to go... now, right now
Time for pictures too
Opps, my turn, the coach was calling me
Close to cliff side
Heading to other side to the village
Windy, cold, but it's worth
First landing with little mistake and perfect second landing
Quickly when we landed, some local farmers and kids came to us
A good place to land: nice people and peaceful village
Up there in the sky and now standing on earth, I believe I can fly.
Thanks you all again for making my big big day ;-)

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