Thursday, November 10, 2011

To my dearest cat, I miss you so

Dearest Jerry,

How are you? I miss you so much, I've always said a prayer for you. Though you cannot see me or you've already forgotten me cause now you're in your new home or maybe in heaven (I've got no idea). Even if you forget me, I'm still loving you.

How wonderful the fate brought us together. When I was a sophomore student, your mother - Ly came to our home. I was very happy. Your mother Ly was a beautiful cat. She was lovely, nice and easy-going. I loved Ly so much cause your mother was the first cat I had ( If the doctor hadn’t diagnosed I was supposed to get stomach cancer, my wish to get a pet at home wouldn’t have come true). When Ly gave birth to two little kittens, I was happended to be midwife for Ly, your mother. You and your younger brother became new members in our family. Since my favorite cartoon is "Tom and Jerry", that’s why your names came out. You two are  such innocent, 2 -week-old kittens when your mother was caught. I cried a lot missing Ly and worrying about you two. You were too young to be far from mother.

Remembering the first days your mother cat Ly had gone, I had to put milk in the small eyewash bottle so that you two like little babies could drink the milk. Your eyes weren't opened yet. Sometimes when you two sister and brother licked my fingers, in that moment I just wanted to cry because felt miss Ly and loved you deeply. In the first period, because your legs weren't very firm, you often slipped. How magical you were. In day by day, I was so happy to see you and Tom from being cute balls of cotton-wool to be more grown up. Do you know how beautiful you looked?

Dearest Jerry, you were so friendly and caring sister. You defended Tom from naughty activities by Dat - my brother. He just wanted to know if you scared the cuddly toy dog. But you stood in front of the toy defending Tom who was standing behind, bristling and looked scared from the toy. When Tom said goodbye to go to my aunt’s house, I felt sad to be far from him and I knew you did too. And since then, we had many other good memories. I remembered when you played catching with my fingers, when you lied sleeping on my abdomen. I enjoyed your companionship though the stays were not long ahead.

As Mom said that you'd be given to the Grandmum’s house, I got the sadness immediately. Mom said Grandmum would take care of you when we were on summer holiday and when we returned, you could go back home again. I remember the moment you turned your head back to me, I couldn’t stop dropping my tears and encouraged you that I would come back to pick you home soon. Both you and I didn’t know that was the last time I could see you. So scared  that you must have felt to stay at a new house and you must have felt strange in a new place... then you ran away some days later.

Even you're gone for 3 years I still miss you so much. Sometimes I think we'll meet again. Truely I'm awaiting for that day to arrive. I want to play with you, talk to you, pass my hands over your fuzzy hair. And may the happy days last forever and ever. Wish you are happy at your new home or have a wonderful life (if there's afterlife).

Dear Jerry sweetie, I just want to tell you this last thing: I love you unconditionally. I love you because you're sweet to me, to let me know how happy I was after my classes since I just wanted to rush back home to see you. Forgive me for letting you far from me. May you find happiness in your life ahead!!!

Missing you.

Your sister

*This letter was dedicated to my most beloved cat after 3 years she was not around with me since 2006. And 3 years later I found again the letter. Many good memories about her return. Dearest Jerry, wish you all the best. From Hanoi with love, sister Maihanoi*

This clip was made in 2006 when I was studying in library of my school in Taiwan, thinking of my cats and the idea of making a movie for them came out.

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