Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun making cabbage roll

Last week, I made cabbage roll for our dinner. It was some years I haven’t made it again. So I tried to make it slowly in a big hope that it would taste good. Here how I cooked my cabbage roll. This recipe for cabbage roll serves for 2.
Preparation of Ingredients
1 medium cabbage
1 liter of water
1 spoon of salt
2 gram of minced pork
4 tomatoes, sliced in small pieces
(But I still had tomato sauce from my last meal - spaghetti at the night before. So it was really useful to use them up ; )
1 green pepper, sliced in small pieces
1 red pepper, sliced in small pieces
2 green onion leaves, sliced in small pieces
1 garlic, chopped in tiny pieces
1 carrot, chopped in tiny pieces as well
1 lemons
Sugar, salt, black pepper, cooking oil
- Clean each cabbage leaves. You can peel off the outside leaves since they might be harder & old. Cut into half if the leaves are too big.

- Boil 1 liter of water, put a little salt in the pot while it’s boiling. Cover and cook for 3-4 minutes. Then drop cabbage leaves into boiling water for a while of 1-1.5 mins. Make sure you don't drop them longer because the leaves can be well-done while later you will steam the leaves more. Drain them after that.
- Now is the time I prepared the rest of my ingredients. You can combine minced pork, sliced onion, green & red peppers, garlic, carrot. Season some salt, black pepper, cooking oil and tomato sauce & mix them all well.

 - Lay a drained cabbage leaf on a plate or cutting board. Place a portion into one side of a cabbage leaf. Roll &place in a plate.

Just wrap the cabbage leaf with mixed pork in the way like the Vietnamese spring roll rolling, which means you wrap two side of the leaf, then roll it up tightly. Do it over again to finish all your mixed pork and leaves.  
- Arrange all the cabbage rolls in a steam pot. If you don’t have it available, just put all the rolls in a plate. Pour ½ bowl of water, put a bowl then the roll plate up there to cook in 20 mins for the rolls being well-done.
Before cook
After cook

Make the sauce
- To make the sauce, heat a little cooking oil in a pan. Have tomato sauce, little sugar, black pepper, lemon juice, sliced green onion leaves and 1/4 cup of water & cook a while in 2-3 mins. If the sauce is too juicy, you can mix with little flour. When the sauce is done, pour over cabbage rolls.

Here's my cabbage rolls at last
I enjoyed my cooking. And I think this serves nicely in the cold weather when the rolls are hot, tasty with yummy light sour sauce and soft steamed minced pork inside.

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