Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun Hanoi night corners

When my friends living in Hanoi think of somewhere to go out at night, they might want to go to remarkable crowded and big funny places first. For me, Sword Lake comes to my mind most of the time. "I miss the heart of Hanoi" - It's just the way I feel when thinking of going out. 
 The remaining Christmas atmosphere in Vincom Mall
So yesterday after leaving the office, realizing the breeze of night made my hands and face so cold and that I should go home soon, it appeared in my mind to change direction. I wanted to bypass through Sword Lake area, which is just more than 10 mins away by motorbike from my office. Tonight the area offered a calm evening atmosphere with sparkling lights everywhere. Those pictures presented how different corners of Hanoi look in evening, which are parts of Hanoi to make me love my city so much.
Opera House at night. Having coffee in the High Land next to Opera House in evening is great. The House was built since 1901 until 1911 following the architecture of Paris Opera House designed by Harley & Broyer architects. 
A gallery in Trang Tien street
Trang Tien plaza is one of the very first shopping malls in Hanoi. On the top floor is a coffee shop with great view to the Sword Lake that you should try.
The Huc bridge
The Ancient  Turtle Tower ("Tháp Rùa") looked sparkling. It was constructed on Turtle island (đảo Rùa) from 1442 to 1497. It made me smile to see the girls enjoy their chatting there whatever the cold was. It tells a lot about Hanoians's warmheartedness
On the way back home, passing Dien Bien Phu Street, colorful lights were something remained after the Christmas Day. I even took pics of Hanoi Flag Tower & President Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. 

Hope this clip brings you joy about Hanoi city in song theme of Vietnamese band M4U
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