Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are you a book worm?

This is my favorite book shop & book cafe in Hanoi. The place has an easily remembered name which is Bookworm. It's located in Chau Long street, behind the back yard of a cooking center and restaurant.
In order to get to Bookworm, I need to pass a special alley like this, which is fun for me when walking in. It's just small enough for one person to go. If someone wants to go out, she needs to wait until the one in opposite side comes in first. 
The management staff can speak fluent English. Whenever we come there, we often meet a young man, who I guess is the owner of this cute bookstore. He and his staff are very friendly with their regular smiles to anyone who come visit. They are very helpful to quickly find your needed book and don't mind if we spend long time only reading there in the bookstore.
Bookworm has a large variety English books for whom loves reading from fiction, nonfiction, cooking, art, architecture and culture... I even see many picture books for kids in the first floor and other interesting travel books upstairs in the second floor, which are well arranged with easy & convenient access for visitors. For me, I like the small room in the second floor in left hand side. Such many English books about Vietnamese culture, cuisine and architecture that I enjoy spending longer time than in other rooms whenever coming.
With enough space for different types of English books, the 2-storey-Bookworm is just an ideal place to read in a quiet & relaxing place. I came here once in a rainy day. Imagine when it's raining out of the window, you stay in a cozy room reading your book. You just need one thing to get it more than perfect, a cup of coffee. "Can I have a ca phe nau da, iced coffee with condensed milk, please" (That's my favorite order)
So here's the view from window of 2nd F where I can see the cooking class in the first floor and restaurant in 2nd floor in the opposite house.
Not only offering new English books, the Bookworm also exchanges books among expat readers, mostly are traveling guide books, with reasonable price for used ones.
Book worm is also a book cafe. Sometimes we have our drinks in the yard while staying with a book. The simple design & the greenness of bonsais in the yard make me feel comfortable and very convenient.
If you come to visit Bookworm in noon, just take your book to tables in yard & order your lunch from the restaurant next door. It's easy to order since they have English menu with many Vietnamese meals for your choice. And read your book until returning it back, you  will even be asked how you like the book from the Bookworm's staff. Are you a book worm? Let's come and check it out both Bookworm &  the cooking class restaurant in your own. You will see this place is worth to come.
Bookworm's address: 44 Chau Long
Open time: Every day from 9 am ~ 7 pm. 
                   Close in holidays in Christmas and Vietnamese New Year
Website:     http://bookwormhanoi.com

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