Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happiness is when...

I got an email from my ex-classmate in Costa Rica on Monday. She brought me a nice surprise that Jose and her are going to have a baby. I was very happy to receive such great news. Cindy and Jose got married in summer after Jose finished his ME course in Taiwan.Then Cindy came to study with us, when Jose continued his PhD. After 4 years living in Taiwan, now they are back to home country. She once said to us that she preferred to have her baby born in CR rather than in Taiwan. My friend loves kids a lot. She is taking care of her family's primary school business since she was back from Taiwan. She's very friendly and caring to others as the way she is. It's nice of them to share this amazing news. It's special to prepare things for a new family member when a baby is coming. I am sure my dear friend will be very busy in the near future, take care well of herself, read more books on baby caring, decorate step in step her baby's room...  which are so wonderful in any woman's life. Cindy said she always miss me when she sees "fideo".And I miss "hiraffa". Cindy gave me nickname "fideo", while she called Kanal "perro" or Hang "chanchis" due to our preference habits. It was a joke among us long ago, but it's good to remember those wonderful memories ^ ^. Lives are moving on. And even though we are going in different paths of life in different homes over this world, we always think of others and share the happiness we meet in our ways. Happiness is just that simple.

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