Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mom's veggie garden

This morning. before going to work, I just checked out my mom's small garden that thanks to her work, my family have fresh clean vegetables quite often. So here are what veggies she's been taking care.
Mustard veggie - I like to cook this type of veggie like soup or roll mustard leave with sauteed beef, so yummy
 Lettuce - very nice to eat together with hot tomato soup
 Sweet potato veggie is tasty to be sauted with garlic & veggie oil
Cải cúc - a popular veggie in cold weather, especially in Vietnamese hotpot or soup. The reason my mom likes to grow these also because of its healthy advantage as a great herbal for preventing cold.ness In part of her garden, many cải cúc have been blossomed too  Just appear in my mind that  maybe I should put these flowers into glass bowl of water. They will look so nice in the living room.
Thanks Mom for your delicious fresh vegetables.

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