Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday for Dad

Today, March 25, was my father’s birthday. After work in office, I went home directly to celebrate his birthday. I brought flowers only, as my mom said on phone that seafood, fruits etc. would be ready.

When I was home, my mom was washing the crabs and oysters. That was my dad's favorite food. I steamed the crabs with lemon grass and ginger. And grilled the oysters for medium cook. I cooked simple salad and sauteed the veggies as well. The dinner was ready on table and four of us enjoyed conversation over seafood dinner. Can you guess, five crabs for four people?. I and my bro made joke that the fifth one was for my father, because he had told mom to get extra. It was nice to be able to celebrate his birthday. We enjoyed seafood with Bailey wine. I have no idea if it sounds good to company but actually it worked. Really good with crab meat and a sip of bailey. I have to say my father was the one with most satisfied appetite tonight! He was so enjoyable with the dinner mom and me prepared.
After dinner, we gave him birthday gifts. My mom prepared for him pairs of short and their account of what she just recently earned from selling a piece of land in secret. What a big surprise to him. And my brother got him a new shirt with his honest BD card. Oh dear, this is the first time I saw he had a card to someone but it was really touching to read. My parents had to admit that. Because he wrote out his feeling to my father , a man to a big man in our family. We drank green tea and spent enjoyable conversation in living room later on. It was a nice way to celebrate dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad.

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