Friday, May 20, 2011

Another favorite Vietnamese restaurant

Dong Son Drum Restaurant is located in Cau Giay Dist, near to my parents' house. In recent weekend, there was a good opportunity for my family to have buffet  lunch in this restaurant.  Compared with Buffet Viet, Sen Ha Thanh restaurants which are my family favorite eating-out places, the food here is also delicious with easy availability of Asian to Western cuisines. The service was satisfied to customers as well. Here in the second floor of restaurant display a well-arranged collection of drums on legends of Dong Son period. This is a good story for how the restaurant's name is originated. If you would like to find a peaceful place for family gathering, enjoying Viet cuisine and other foreign countries' food in a great harmony of "East-meet-West" interior design and art decoration, go visit Dong Son Drum and experience the difference it brings to you. From now, my favorite restaurant list has been updated with Dong Son Drum ;-)
 The exhibition of Dong Son culture inside the restaurant
 The banquet hall of 2nd Floor, Dong Son Drum restaurant
 Outdoor cafeteria

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