Sunday, May 22, 2011

Japan manga exhibition in Hanoi

Manga books are beloved as an entertainment by both adults and children in Japan, which also inspire readers in other countries.During secondary and high school, my bro and I often looked forward to new episode of our favourite comics like Doreamon, Conan Detective, Touch, to name a few or Chú mèo máy Doreamon, Thám tử lừng danh Conan, Anh em sinh đôi in Vietnamese titles. We like to read those comics a lot even until now. Sometimes watching a cartoon originated from Japanese comics on TV make me feel interested so much and I feel myself younger aftter that. This time comes a good occasion for me back to memorable experience of childhood since Japan Foundation organizes an exhibition of Japanese contemporary comic art in Hanoi. A valuable chance to visualize different manga titles thru exhibition in piano melody, read many comics books, see how Japanese artists create amazing stories in their works... and be back as young as kids in this wonderful world. If you are a fan of any Japanese manga tittle, this is the great chance to get closer touch at the exhibition in Fine Art Museum like we did ^^

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