Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fresh spring roll of Shrimp and Pork - Nem cuộn tôm thịt

In a fine day, just thinking of what I should prepare for lunch took me a while to decide. And Vietnamese-style fresh spring roll is a good option I guess for a sunny day. The dish offers you quick time to make, easy to prepare and great appetite to eat. So let's join in me to the kitchen and make Vietnamese fresh spring roll. 
*Ingredients for 2 persons
- Vermicelli: 400 gram
- Shrimp: 300 gram
- Pork: 300 gram
- Rice wrappers: 10 pieces
- 3 eggs; 
- Sliced carrot, cucumber, lettuce and specific dills like cilantro, mint leaves 
- 1/2 tbl spoon of fish sauce, 2 tbl spoon of boiled water, 1/2 tbl spoon of lime juice, 1/2 tbl spoon of white sugar and chopped chilly
* Preparation:
- The principle to cook this simple dish is to boil the shrimp, pork, fry the eggs. Then all of pork, eggs and carrot are sliced into 2 cm strips long.
- For the shrimp, remember after boiling, leave in a plate for the heat go out, then peel the shrimps' shells and move the heads. Cut the shrimp in half if the prawn's big.
- Now you have everything ready for a fresh spring roll. Lay a  rice paper on a dry chopping board or plate. Place a combination of handful rice vermicelli, carrot, fried egg, pork strips, top with cilantro, mint leaves on the rice wrapper. Put the shrimp halves in both end with lettuce. Roll all tightly into a good shape fresh roll.  The colorful fresh spring roll has green of lettuce and dill. yellow of fried egg. orange of carrot and cooked shrimp, white of vermicelli. Repeat until remaining ingredients are used up.
Vietnamese fresh spring roll is delicious to be served with dipping sauce. So prepare fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, chilly and boiled water to mix a tasty "nước chấm" dipping sauce. Now, you have fresh spring roll with sauce and a plate of cucumber as a perfect lunch. I enjoyed my fresh spring rolls for a weekend' lunch. Why don't try to make your Vietnamese-style fresh roll if it's hot out there?! This is a popular quick and easy made food during summer in Vietnam.

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